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Information Systems

At Page Step, we understand that you need systems to manage your day-to-day operations. We bring a wealth of experience to support your Internet-based information management systems needs.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) helps you bring clarity to your sales processes, build loyal, long-term Page Step information systems client relationships, accelerate productivity and boost call centre efficiency. This combination allows you to derive comprehensive, real-time customer intelligence.

Online Customer Support allows customers to ask for help, provide feedback, track their purchases, deliveries and invoices, and derive other useful and timely information about their interaction with your services – all available 24/7.

Wikis provide for user collaboration on internal or public documentation or knowledge bases. Content contributions to wikis can be controlled and tracked.

Okanagan Textbook Exchange

[...] I wanted to let you know I had an exceptional fall semester. I don't know how much of the increased sales can be attributed to the website, but the website has resulted in Internet sales and gave suppliers more confidence in dealing with my new business. Starting with one used textbook wholesaler and consigned books from students, I now also deal with new books from the major publishers I have chosen to deal with. The Okanagan Textbook Exchange can now truly be called an Off-Campus bookstore.

Thanks again for helping to keep my site current, I'm always impressed with your promptness.

– Ken Ottoson – Okanagan Textbook Exchange