Thursday, April 18th, 2024   5:32:02 PM Pacific Time

Information Systems

At Page Step, we understand that you need systems to manage your day-to-day operations. We bring a wealth of experience to support your Internet-based information management systems needs.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) helps you bring clarity to your sales processes, build loyal, long-term Page Step information systems client relationships, accelerate productivity and boost call centre efficiency. This combination allows you to derive comprehensive, real-time customer intelligence.

Online Customer Support allows customers to ask for help, provide feedback, track their purchases, deliveries and invoices, and derive other useful and timely information about their interaction with your services – all available 24/7.

Wikis provide for user collaboration on internal or public documentation or knowledge bases. Content contributions to wikis can be controlled and tracked.

Casabella Princess

We wanted Page Step to improve, update and to refresh the appearance of our existing website, and to bring it up to today's full functionality. After meeting Dirk and discussing the options, we provided Page Step with the necessary information; it took them only a few days to accomplish the job. We very much enjoyed the efficiency of Page Step, based on Dirk's profound knowledge and his professional performance. We highly recommend any of the services Page Step is offering.

– Andy & Barbara Seifert – Casabella Princess